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May Update - Brain Dump [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Wendy Conway

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May Update [May. 26th, 2008|08:55 am]
Wendy Conway
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As usual, no major events to report, but a smattering of little things:

Mother's Day was great. Alyssa decided that my cards would be hand made this year, and made one for herself and one for Greg to give me. Along with some sweet Mother's Day sentiments, Alyssa's card thoughtfully contained a pre-scripted response for me to recite to her (Thank you Sweetie! You're the best daughter ever and you can have all the deserts you want!). The card she made for Greg to give to me had a slit in it so that Greg could put a dollar bill in. She had also picked out a box of Godiva chocolates to give to me, no doubt knowing that Mommy would of course share them with her.

The weather here has been gorgeous, in the 70's and occasional low 80's, so I finally got around to completing the mulching project. The flowers I platned are miracurously still alive. Now to attempt to get some grass growing in the many bare patches in the front. We're actullay above the norm for rainfall so far, so hopefully I'll be able to water the new grass long enough to get it going.

Alyssa has been doing increasingly well at soccer, even scoring a goal in the last scrimmage. She's playing in a tournament this Saturday, and she'll be going to soccer camp in August. She's lost interest in basketball, which is no surprise given her height disadvantage. Soccer looks to be something she'll stick with.

I still haven't found an activity for myself. I've been trying to come up to speed on my area of focus as fast as possible, and it's been like standing in front of a fire hose. I think I'm getting the hang of it finally and things are starting to settle down. There are still some odd hours as our group is spread across multiple time zones, but I'm finally learning to sift the real emergencies from the rest, so there aren't so many evening and weekend hours. I think I'll attempt the kung fu classes I've been eyeing.

We've secured our plane tickets for a trip to Rochester over Labor Day weekend for the Conway Corn Roast. We'll be up from the Wednesday before through the Tuesday after, so hopefully we'll get to see friends as well as family and get our fix of some of the restaurants we miss (Philip's, here we come!).


From: mdmhvonpalj
2008-05-27 05:35 pm (UTC)
Yeah ... the mulch thing. Took me a month of sundays too.

I'm surprised about the basket-ball though. I mean, you were always such a dunker!
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